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Providing education. Community. Socialization.

Welcome to WIRED4LIFE

We are very pleased you are here! We have been online since 2004 and have a very active local group in Minneapolis-St. Paul. If you are newly “wired” (a term I created and wished I would’ve trademarked!!) or have had a device for many years, we hope to answer your questions, encourage and educate as well as provide community.


We are women, men, children and parents of children.  We are connected via our wired hearts.  Find us on Facebook!


What is a pacemaker? Do they really make heart valves from a pig? Can you get shocked from a defibrillator? All these and more questions, answered daily!

Dawn Huberty, Founder & President of WIRED4LIFE

Our first wired sister, Marian Carlson Smith 1923-2012


WIRED4LIFE, Dawn L. Huberty, Founder, Director. All rights reserved 2004-Present


Text is best. (715)220-2301




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