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WIRED4LIFE is made up of a community of people.  Wired with a cardiac implanted device.  Men, women & children of all ages have pacemakers, defibrillators, replacement heart valves or stents. 

We support one another with our medical and life experience. The WIRED4LIFE community encourages and listens as we all have been down the same road, we just have traveled different paths to meet.

The major device manufacturers share their information with us; thanks to Medtronic, Boston Scientific, Biotronik and St. Jude Medical.  We learn about new technologies and how our devices work. 

Look at these faces, they are wired folks (and one dog).  They are possibly, you? 


Published by Dawn Huberty

Hello! My name is Dawn Huberty, I love to write, especially with the love of Christ at the center of my inspirations. I am merely the messenger, and I pray you are blessed with these words!

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